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Stop wage garnishment; if you are facing losing 25% of your earnings to a wage garnishment.  Time is of the essence.  You need to act fast if it threatens your livelihood.

In addition, you may have as few as five days to contest some garnishments.  While other garnishments may be limited to 30 days.  Contact our Nevada wage garnishment and debt relief attorney immediately if you are in danger of having your paycheck garnished. 

Severe debt affects all aspects of our life: personal, family, physical, mental, and a wage garnishment can threaten your net pay and your professional career.

Additionally, Paradise Debt Relief Lawyers are knowledgable of the Nevada laws concerning wage garnishment.  We also have a full understanding of the law as it applies to Paradise, and will protect your rights as a consumer.  In particular, residents of Paradise are protected by The Fair Debt Collections Act.  We can help you by filing an official objection to the court.  A Paradise Debt Relief Attorney will cite reasons that your wage garnishment is excessive or unreasonable.

Nevada Wage Garnishment Attorney

Bankruptcy is another means to stop a wage garnishment.  We can help if you need the bankruptcy protection of either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.  Dealing with debt is difficult enough, and a wage garnishment on top of it can be devastating.  Take action to eliminate your debt and get information on wage garnishment in Paradise.  Contact our law firm.  We can answer your questions regarding debt, garnishing your wages, and give you options for your specific situation.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer in Paradise, Nevada

When a creditor gets a wage garnishment against you, it is difficult to manage a monthly budget.  In fact, not many can spare the 25% (pre-tax) earnings that will be drawn from each check to pay back creditors. Paradise Debt Relif Lawyers can help.
A creditor obtains a writ of garnishment when a debtor gets behind on payments. Up to 25% of a paycheck may be garnished.  This is a drastic decrease in wages and can greatly affect a person’a lifestyle.  Often times, wage garnishment turns into a snowball effect of greater debt.  Many other payments or obligations cannot be made due to the cut in wages due to the garnishment.

Why Your Wages Can Be Garnished in Nevada:

  • Student Loans
  • A Foreclosed Property
  • Deficiency on a Repossessed Vehicle
  • Back Taxes
  • Child Support
  • Creditors with Approval

Stop Wage Garnishment

Our Paradise Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Assist.

Filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition immediately stops wage garnishment.  Bankruptcy in a situation such as wage garnishment may actually improve the overall financial situation.  Bankruptcy will protect your paycheck and assist in serious debt relief.  Many times we see that when creditors reach the point of garnishing wages, they are past the point of working out any kind of negotiation or payment plan.
If you have additional questions about how to stop wage garnishment or how filing bankruptcy may assist a pending garnishment, contact our Paradise garnishment lawyer today.  Specifically, Erik Severino, Nevada bankruptcy attorney is an expert on stopping wage garnishment and assisting you with debt relief.  Erik also offers free consultations either in office or by phone.  Call (702) 605-3306 and get on the way to a “fresh start”.