Paradise Personal Bankruptcy

Need to File a Personal Bankruptcy in Paradise, Nevada

Despite efforts to increase income, spend responsibly, and try to get ahead of debt month after month, sometimes life happens.  Amid opportunity to be financially prosperous, there is the poor economy, job loss, medical emergencies, and family crisis that prevent hard-working people providing for their families to end up with debt.  When debt starts to take control of your life, you need to call Paradise Debt Relief Attorneys.  When you cringe at the sound of a telephone ringing, because creditors wanted their money yesterday.  Daily reminders of debt in your mailbox: notices of foreclosure or shut off notices for utilities.  Wage garnishment, vehicle repossession…. stress.

Overwhelming debt can seem hopeless.  Don’t get discouraged, get help.  We can help you turn around a desperate situation.  Bankruptcy is one option to legally have your debts wiped out and forgiven.  It may be possible to protect your assets and your money, even though you are filing bankruptcy.

Even when individuals have the best intentions to pay back debt, circumstances exist that prevent this from happening.  Schedule a FREE consultation and debt evaluation with a lawyer at our Paradise debt relief law firm.  Our skilled team will help you understand the bankruptcy protection and the law so that you make good decisions in moving forward towards a bright financial future.

Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Our experienced attorneys represent residents in Paradise in all kinds of consumer bankruptcy law cases.  Individuals can file personal bankruptcy per the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in different ways.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the most common types of  bankruptcy filings in Nevada.  Chapter 7 allows for elimination of debt through a discharge.  While Chapter 13 uses a repayment plan and the debts listed in the plan are discharged.

Of course there are advantages to filing either Chapter of bankruptcy in Nevada, and there are some debts that may not be dischargeable in a bankruptcy.  Which ever debt relief option is best for your needs, our attorney will see you through the entire process from beginning to end, including giving you information on rebuilding your credit.