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Paradise Valley encompasses the southern part of the Las Vegas Valley.  Technically, the Las Vegas Strip is located in the township of Paradise, Nevada.  Paradise also is home to the McCarran International Airport.  In addition, Paradise is a census-designated place, or an unincorporated township that does not have its own municipal government.  Clark County provides all the government functions and town services needed by Paradise.  Las Vegas is also part of Clark County.  Also, nearby cities to Paradise include Henderson, Winchester, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, and Sunrise Manor.

Paradise , Nevada is located in Clark County.

Some facts about Paradise: 

  • The median income is $43,911
  • The median house value is $158,800
  • Paradise has a population of 226,957
  • The median age of people living in Paradise: 37 years old
  • 12% of the population is over the age of 65
  • Average commute time is 22 minutes


Many people wonder, what is the difference between Paradise and Las Vegas.  Google tags photos taken on parts of the Las Vegas Strip as Paradise, Nevada.  Las Vegas, like most big cities, is divided up into several neighborhoods including Seven Hills, and Summerlin, and Paradise, Nevada.  Actually, Paradise is its own unincorporated location.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Over 40 million visitors come to Las Vegas each year. Technically, Paradise, Nevada.

When you fly into Las Vegas (McCarran Airport) or visit the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, or spend your vacation on the strip, you are technically in Paradise, not Las Vegas.

Paradise, Nevada, located in Clark County is not really considered a neighborhood of Las Vegas, but more of an unincorporated place.  The development of Paradise was due to the strip and gambling casinos so these establishments could avoid paying taxes to the city of Las Vegas.

The city of Las Vegas cannot control what happens in Paradise.  In order to avoid higher taxes, new casinos try to stay in the Paradise limits. Clark county controls and makes decisions regarding Paradise, Nevada.


Paradise is special because usually unincorporated places are deserted or secluded.  The strip of land that is Paradise began as a four mile long by one mile wide strip of land.  Recently, it is about 54 square miles.  Paradise is casinos and hotels:  basically the Las Vegas Strip is located in Paradise.

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