Nevada Debt Relief Attorney In Paradise

Divorce and debt relief are both complex issues.  Sometimes overwhelming debt and the arguments and hurt feelings caused by stress over debt causes relationships to fall apart.  Both divorce and debt relief are legal proceedings meant to offer a fresh start.  Paradise Debt Relief Lawyers are ready to protect your rights in both matters and provide you with service and a strategy to attain a successful outcome for your case.

When Divorce and Debt Relief Overlap

Our legal staff will discuss options for debt relief when it involves a divorce.  When marital and financial problems go hand-in-hand, it is important to fully understand your rights in order to make the necessary serious decisions that will affect your future.

How will you plan for getting out of debt if you are facing a divorce?  The debt and relationship you share are going away, and we will help you take the smartest course of action for both.  Also, it is very important you consult with our legal staff.  It’s complicated.  Timing is important.  If filing for divorce, and you agree to be responsible for credit cards that you have together, a bankruptcy may not eliminate your responsibility to pay.  What about joint debts that are in your name?  When you file for divorce, don’t agree to pay joint debts.

Paradise Debt Relief Lawyers offers a FREE case evaluation and Debt Evaluation.

We will listen to your specific situation and help you if debt is intertwined with divorce.  Only an attorney experienced in helping clients with these kinds of cases will be able to give you the best legal representation.  Particularly, our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, Erik Severino is well versed in both divorce and debt relief within a divorce.  Contact Erik for a free consultation.

Issues arise when filing for divorce, and filing for bankruptcy.  A divorce proceeding involves division of property and debts.  Whereas, a bankruptcy involves the automatic stay, which prevents transfer of property.  If a Nevada bankruptcy court has control over property, it is difficult for the family court to make decisions.  Our attorneys can explain why you should avoid filing for bankruptcy and divorce at the same time, and advise you on what you should do in a timely order to achieve the outcome you desire for both your divorce and your debt relief.

We provide legal service tailored to specific needs of our clients.

How to proceed with divorce and debt relief entirely depends on the circumstances of the case.  When there is debt involving loans, mortgages, joint bills, — adding divorce to the equation could mean dealing with child support or spousal support.  These are considerations that need to be addressed as well.

Contact our law office.  We will assess your debt, give you options, look at your properties and assets, and gather the detailed information we need to give you accurate and effective options.  We can help you by providing the legal representation you need if you are dealing with divorce and debt relief.