Debt Relief Options in Nevada

Clark County Debt Relief Attorney

Looking for debt relief options in Paradise, Clark County, Nevada?  Depending on your specific case and debt situation, you need to understand your options so that you can make good decisions regarding your financial future.  In particular, Paradise Debt Relief Lawyers can help you by providing you with the information and options you need to get out of debt.  Our team dedicate themselves to helping our clients achieve financial success.

We won’t steer you in a direction to benefit our firm — we will honestly find a solution that is best for your debt issues and financial goals.  It is important to maintain our reputation as a law firm that provides Nevada residents with affordable, expert legal representation and superior service.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating many debts into one single debt is a way that helps clients manage their finances.  This is a debt relief option in lieu of declaring bankruptcy.  Also, it does not make any of the debt go away, it simply consolidates all of your debt into one payment instead of several small payments.  Additionally, this option of debt is not recommended for people who don’t bring in enough income to service the debts they already owe.  Consult with our Paradise debt relief lawyer about which option may be the best solution to your problem.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

One of the most popular debt relief options in Clark County and throughout Nevada is chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If bankruptcy is the best fit for your debt relief, we will help you understand the nature of the bankruptcy laws and protections.  We will visit with you about the advantages and answer your questions or concerns about bankruptcy.  Clients who need debt relief and do not see bankruptcy as an option still must understand how it may benefit their future. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

Different from Chapter 7, but offering some of the same protection, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option for individuals who have a regular income, and want to keep properties.  Also, a trustee is involved in a repayment plan that schedules debt to be repaid to creditors through the supervision of the bankruptcy court.  In addition, a chapter 13 payment plan usually lasts 3-5 years and can have payments as little as $100 per month.  Monthly payments will vary dependent upon your income and debts.

Contact our Paradise debt relief lawyer and learn if filing chapter 13 bankruptcy or another form of debt relief options may be the debt relief option that best fits you and your family.  Attorney Erik Severino offers free debt relief and bankruptcy consultations.  Call (702) 605-3306 to set up your free consultation today.  Also, your free consult with Erik can either be over the phone or in one of our Las Vegas area law offices.  Your choice.  We look forward to assisting you.