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Foreclosure strikes many people and families in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise, Nevada.  Particularly, many individuals are burdened with debts and are having a hard time making payments.  If debt is affecting your life, you need experienced debt relief legal assistance.  Paradise debt relief lawyers provide the legal representation to residents struggling with debt.

If your family finances are causing you to miss mortgage payments, putting you in danger of a foreclosure, we can help.  Also, if you are feeling desperate for relief, or if you are feeling hopeless, an attorney at our firm will evaluate your debt situation and offer help.

Additionally, debt relief can come in different forms, each effective in their own way of dealing with debt.  In particular, there are a variety of debt relief options available that will stop a foreclosure.  Contact an experienced Paradise debt relief and foreclosure attorney to find out which option of debt relief is most applicable to your situation.  Don’t continue to struggle with the threat of losing your home.  Put a stop to any pending actions and law suits.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one way to stop a foreclosure.  Chapter 7 is an option for those who need to eliminate debt.  This chapter bankruptcy allows you to start over by forgiving debt.  An automatic stay protection immediately goes into effect upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition. This means a bankruptcy stops a foreclosure.  Actually, the petition filing stops all collection activities by creditors. Again, our debt relief experts will help you weigh the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure and help you keep your home.

To stop a foreclosure – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is another type of bankruptcy that, once filed, stops a foreclosure.  Also, Chapter 13 is a means to reorganize and repay debt, rather than eliminating and discharging debt – as in Chapter 7.  We will devise a repayment plan and appoint a trustee to your case.  This is a bankruptcy option for those who want to save their home from a foreclosure, need debt relief, and do not qualify for Chapter 7.

Debt Consolidation Option

Your attorney works with creditors on your behalf to pay off your debt.

Debt Settlement

Your attorney works with creditors to agree to forgive some of your debt in exchange for continuing to make payments.

Short Sale

A short sale may be an alternative to bankruptcy.  You may opt to sell the house for less than you owe on it.  However, if the home is underwater at the time of the sale, this could make a difference if this is the best option.

We can help you

With all the options for debt relief, the true question is:  which method of debt relief is best for you?

Our debt relief experts will help you answer this one essential question.

If you have been missing mortgage payments and are being threatened with a foreclosure, we will figure out the best way to help you.  Even if proceedings have been started, we can help you keep your house.

Filing for Chapter 7 and 13 can stop a vehicle repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, and harassing collection activities by creditors.